Thailand’s biggest draw card for foreign visitors is its beaches, and this makes perfect sense, as nobody does sun, sea and sand better. But this beguiling country is far from being a one hit wonder. Thailand’s myriad of attractions include a world class cuisine, Asia’s most exciting capital city, a vibrant living heritage, as well as a wealth of built heritage, and last but not least, its people. Although visitors will barely notice it, Thailand has been under military rule since the coup in May 2014, hence its low ranking in our 2015 ethical travel guide to South East Asia.


New border regulations add to Thailand’s tourism woes

Faced with a serious crisis in Thailand’s tourism industry, the country’s military regime appears intent on making a bad situation even worse. Not content with overthrowing a democratically-elected government for the umpteenth time, the junta has ordered a tightening of border restrictions. Read more.

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