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The Great Farini, Lulu Farini, and the Lost City of the Kalahari

Courtesy: UK National Archives
Courtesy: UK National Archives

The Kalahari Desert extends for 900,000 square kilometres, across three countries: Botswana, South Africa and Namibia. Its name, which comes from the Tswana for “great thirst”, gives a taste of just how inhospitable it can be.

That’s entertainment

And yet in 1885, a former entertainer and impresario – the Great Farini – claimed not just to have become the first white man to cross the Kalahari on foot, but also to have discovered the remains of a lost civilisation. What is more, he had the photos to prove it! Continue reading The Great Farini, Lulu Farini, and the Lost City of the Kalahari

Introducing Malaya and Borneo (1948-1950)

Introducing Malaya and Borneo (01)
Courtesy UK National Archives

We at itchy feet, itchy mind love old photos, particularly ones which give glimpses of what life was like in pre-independence Malaysia. So imagine our excitement when we found this beautiful collection of pictures from the UK National Archives, called Introducing Malaya and Borneo.

No date is given, but the set must have been published some time between the formation of the Federation of Malaya in January 1948, and the formal recognition of Indonesia’s independence (the former Dutch East Indies) in December 1949. Continue reading Introducing Malaya and Borneo (1948-1950)