2012-630-Nanjing Lu-101

China offers almost endless possibilities for the independent traveller, and not a few challenges as well! It is a vast country – the third largest on earth – and a hugely diverse one too, in terms of everything from culture to climate. Much is made of the breathtaking pace of change in China, but as the country strides forward into the future, it keeps one foot firmly rooted in the past. And it is this mix of tradition and modernity which makes the Middle Kingdom such a fascinating destination.


Cecil Beaton in Wartime China

Cecil Beaton in China 01

It’s hard to imagine a more unlikely war photographer than Cecil Beaton, best known for his fashion and society portraits, as well as his costume design for theatre and film. But it appears that he was one of those people who is annoyingly good at whatever they turn their hand to. Read more.

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